Cell: (+34) 670 787 395 - info@spainsafaris.es
Cell: (+34) 670 787 395  -  info@spainsafaris.es 

Trophy Exportation

Our Company has Taxidermy for the preparation of the trophies as well as mounting. It belongs to National Spanish Taxidermists Association (ANTAX). We ensure the best trophy management in Spain and during the export process. Furthermore we have Customs Agency that takes care of all relevant documents (originals and copies of permits, veterinary certificates, taxidermy certificates and so on).
Trophy management is a essential and important issue when hunting internationally. We send to our taxidermy all trophies, skins, bones, etc., for treatment and packaging. When the process is finished (around 3 months after hunting) the goods are sent to Customs Agent.
Trophies can be mounted in Spain as well. Our taxidermy is very well recognized and prices/quality is quite competitive.

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