Cell: (+34) 670 787 395 - info@spainsafaris.es
Cell: (+34) 670 787 395  -  info@spainsafaris.es 

  Plains Game hunting in South Africa

Package conditions:


* Reception at East London airport and transfer to hunting area.

* Full accommodation in Luxury hunting camp (drinks included).

* Hunting vehicle.

* Proffesional Hunter.

* Languages: French, Spanish and English.

* Exclusive personal assistance Spainsafaris team.


Not Included:

* Air tickets.

* Cites, dip & pack and trophy export.

* Rifle hire and ammo.

* Personal expenses prior or after the safari.

* Observer (non hunter)

 * Optional services: chartered flights, more plains game according to below pricelist.

Trophy Fees:    
Baboon   Springbuck (Kalahari)
Blesbuck (Common) Springbuck (Damara)
Blesbuck  (White) Springbuck (White)
Bontebok   Springbuck (Black)
Bushbuck (Cape) Springbuck (Copper)
Bushpig (with dogs) Steenbuck  
Caracal (with dogs) Tsessebe  
Duiker (Common) Vaal Rhebuck
Duiker (Blue) Velvet Monkey
Eland (Cape) Waterbuck  
Eland (Livignstone) Warthog  
Giraffe   Wildebeest (Black)
Grysbok   Wildebeest (Blue)
Impala   Watusi  
Impala (Black Face) Zebra (Burchell)
Jackal   Zebra (Mountain)
Kudu   Exclusive animals
Nyala   Asian Water Buffalo
Oryx   Axis Deer  
Oryx (Scimitar) Pere David Deer
Ostrich   Barbary Sheep
Porcupine   Blesbuck (Copper)
Red Hartebeest Fallow Deer  
Reedbuck (Common) Hog Deer  
Reedbuck (Mountain) Impala (Black)
Red Lechwe   Nubian Ibex  
Roan   Oryx (Arabian)
Sable   Oryx (Golden)
Springbuck (Common) Wildebeest (Golden)



Hunting pictures

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