Cell: (+34) 670 787 395 - info@spainsafaris.es
Cell: (+34) 670 787 395  -  info@spainsafaris.es 

   Pyrenean Chamois hunting in Spain

Package conditions:


* Reception at Barcelona airport.

* Room and board in Hotel or similar.

* Vehicles for transportation in hunting areas.

* 2 days of hunting.

* One guide per hunter.

* English, French and Russian interpreter.

* License, hunting license and insurance.


 Not included:

* Dip and pack animals and export of trophies.

* Rental and importing rifles and ammunition.

* Personal expenses before or after the package purchased.


Trophies (Pyrenean Chamois) - Trophy C.I.C. score

* Pyrenean Chamois Bronze Male (from 87p to 91,99p.)

* Pyrenean Chamois Silver Male (from 92p to 96,99p.)

* Pyrenean Chamois Gold Male (from 97p.)

 (Note): Regular density and trophies> 90 points.


* Pyrenean Chamois Bronze Female (from 83p to 87,99p.)

* Pyrenean Chamois Silver Female (from 88p to 92,99p.)

* Pyrenean Chamois Gold Female (from 93p.)

 (Note): Regular density and trophies> 88 points.

Trophies (Pyrenean Chamois) - Trophy S.C.I. score

* Pyrenean Chamois Bronze (20")

* Pyrenean Chamois Silver (22")

* Pyrenean Chamois Gold (23 4/8")

 (Note): Regular density and trophies> 22"


Additional trophies:

* Gredos Ibex (half of november best time)

* Beceite Ibex (half of november best time)

* Southeastern Ibex (half of november best time)

* Ronda Ibex (start of november best time)

* Fallow deer (start of october best time)

* Red deer (start of october best time)

* Mouflon

* Barbary Sheep

* Cantabrian  chamois

* Wild boar

* Balearean boc

* Feral goat



The Hunting Area

Hunting area is pre-Pyrenees Mountains, reaching altitudes of 3000 meters – it’s essential to be fit. The Pyrenee Chamois is similar to other European sub-species in terms of body size and trophy.

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