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Cell: (+34) 670 787 395  -  info@spainsafaris.es 

     Morisco Roe Deer hunting in Spain

Package conditions:


* Reception at Málaga airport.

* Room and board in Hotel or similar.

* Vehicles for transportation in hunting areas.

* 2 days of hunting.

* One guide per hunter.

* English, French and Russian interpreter.

* License, hunting license and insurance.


 Not included:

* Dip and pack animals and export of trophies.

* Rental and importing rifles and ammunition.

* Personal expenses before or after the package purchased.


Trophies (Morisco Roe Deer) - Trophy C.I.C. score

* Roe Deer Bronze (from 105p to 114,99p. )

* Roe Deer Silver (from 115p to 129.99p)

* Roe Deer Gold (from 130p onwards )

 (Note): High density and ltrophies> 105 points.

Trophies (Morisco Roe Deer) - Trophy S.C.I. score (typical)

* Roe Deer Bronze (36" )

* Roe Deer Silver (45 5/8")

* Roe Deer Gold (51 1/8" )

 (Note): High density and trophies> 36"


Additional trophies:

* Mouflon

* Wild boar

* Balearean boc

* Feral goat



The Hunting Area

Morisco Roe deer is a sub-specie of the Spanish Roe deer. It can only be found in the mountains of Cadiz and Malaga provinces. In terms of body size Morisco is smaller but trophy size is similar to the normal Roe. The color of the skin is almost the same in summer and winter seasons.

Besides the body size, the main difference between Morisco Roe and normal Spanish Roe is that the Morisco doesn’t have a white spot in the neck.

This is a very beautiful subspecie of Roe deer, absolutely recommendable to Roe hunting lovers for the spectacular scenarios where the hunting of this unique animal takes place.

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