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Cell: (+34) 670 787 395  -  info@spainsafaris.es 

Bringing firearms to Spain or legally borrowing:

Any international hunter using a rifle in Spain (owned or borrowed) needs a special authorization to use that rifle during his hunt in Spain.  Following a few steps, it will be quite easy. Herewith the steps to proceed:

1. Contact the Spanish Consulate closer to your residency around 2-3 months before the hunt, and inform them about your hunt in Spain (List of the Spanish Consulates). They will provide you a ”form” for you to fill in, where you will have to write your personal data, the firearm information, dates of your hunt, as well as locations (we will provide you this info). You will have to enclose a notarized copy of your passport, as well as a notarized copy of a current hunting license you may have from your Country, to prove that you are able to hunt in your own Country. With all this info, they will send you back a Letter-Certificate, written in Spanish, which you must bring with you. With this document, once you arrive to Madrid, we go with you to the Firearms Registration, and the Guardia Civil (Spanish police) gives you a special authorization that allows you to use a rifle in Spain (not necessarily the same one shown in the Letter-Certificate). In case that you borrow a rifle from us, the police at the firearms registration of the Madrid airport will change the details of the rifle specified in the Letter-Certificate you bring for the details of the one you end up using. Therefore you can borrow a rifle from us, but in order to do it legally, you always need to bring the Letter-Certificate.

Regarding the ammunition, there are contradictory policies between the countries about how to handle ammo. In any case, please put your ammo (no more than 11 pounds, IATA regulations) in a metallic or plastic box, and pack this one in any of your bags except with the gun. You won’t have any problem like this.

2. Once you arrive to Madrid, do not expect your gun showing at the luggage carrousel with your other bags. It will be taken directly to the Firearms Registration, where we assist you once you pick up all your other bags.

At the Firearms Registration we will show the Letter-Certificate you bring from the Spanish Consulate, as well as your original passport. The Guardia Civil (Spanish police) will issue that special authorization, which has to go with the gun until you leave the country.

3. Leaving Spain: If you brought your own rifle, once again, before checking your luggage we first need to stop at the Firearms Registration to declare you will be traveling back home with that same firearm. We will show the “special authorization” as well as the flight tickets and your passport. We will have also filled in the form model 790 and paid the corresponding tax in advance. The Police will write a form with your flight & firearm info; one copy will stay in the gun case, and the other is for you to show at the airline counter. After doing this step, we only need to walk to the airline counter, and check your bags, including your firearm case and ammo box. The Air Company will put a blaze tape around your case, to show this case contains a firearm (Spanish Law). Now, this time you need to pack your ammo apart, in the metallic or plastic box you brought from the U.S. Spanish Laws doesn´t allow including the ammo with any other piece of luggage.

Someone of the Airline Company will show up and after checking the rest of your luggage will take your rifle case & ammo box and take care of it.


Finally just a reminder of the documentation required (original and photocopy):

  • Passport
  • Firearms license
  • Rifle ownership docs
  • Letter of invitation or hunting contract
  • Certificate of weapon importation issued by the Spanish Consulate
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