Cell: (+34) 670 787 395 - info@spainsafaris.es
Cell: (+34) 670 787 395  -  info@spainsafaris.es 


Rifle - 7mm Rem. Mag., .300, .270, 30-06 or similar.
Rifle soft case.
Ammo & ammo case.
Day backpack.
Photo camera.

Camera charger.

Video Camera.
Extra Batteries.
Water Bottle (bottle or plastic pouch).
Matches or Lighter (waterproof).
Pocket knife.
Good grip hiking boots.
Hunting pants (Wranglers or similar).
Cotton T-shirts.
Cotton shirts.
Polar vest.
Turtle neck.
Light rain jacket.

Sunglasses (with head strap).

Shaving Kit (Tooth brush, paste, floss).
Sun block (small tube, strong).
Range finder (optional).
Shooting sticks (optional).

Jeans or kakis, as well as casual cloths are perfectly fine.
A nice shirt, just in case we have the chance to go out one night.
Plug converters & adapters.
Cell phone, in case you need to be in touch with home or office.
Cell phone charger.


Very important and not to be forgotten:

Airline Tickets.

Firearms permit.
Documentation to prove that you are coming to hunt (e.g. hunting contract) .
Extra set of glasses or contact lenses.
Special Medication (bring more than you need).

Euros Cash / US $ or Travellers Cheques.



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